A thankful and healthful Thanksgiving

I began celebrating Thanksgiving in my 20’s, when I moved to the states; I was raised between Colombia and Curacao and we did not celebrate this holiday.  But I am so glad to do so now. First, I do not pass up a chance to celebrate… Second, I do not pass up a chance to be thankful and grateful. So this is the perfect holiday for me!

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, but it also marks the beginning of a weight-gain rollercoaster, prompting us all to have loosing weight as a New Year’s resolution.  And then failing at that said resolution… It is so hard to be faced with dinner upon dinner, celebration upon celebration, and not stuff our faces with the deliciousness we are offered. That is why when I am the hostess, I try to present my guests with a balanced meal, full of healthy and delicious offerings. Also, if I am a guest to a potluck, I make sure I bring a  veggie dish so that I know I can counter balance with the other dishes and assure myself a healthy option.

I have put together a menu of dishes for a very healthy celebration. These are not diet dishes, these are dishes full of festive flavor but healthier than the usual fare.

Buen Provecho!

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