welcome to my blog

I am so excited to join the world of blogging! For years, in my professional career I’ve had to adapt my content, thoughts and believes to the demands of networks, publishers, shows etc. It feels liberating and honest to just put myself out there with out it being a production; just pure me, what I am passionate about and what I stand for.

I grew up in my mothers catering and restaurant kitchen, as a Cordon Blue trained chef she has always been my inspiration. For me food started out being a way of expressing and sharing love with family and friends, then it became that I wanted to make it so easy for people to get into cooking and inspiring people to do so is a big must for me. My biggest passion today is to explore and share the aspect of food as medicine. Why? Because certain food can be detrimental to our health and the right food can be our savior. As a Lupus warrior, I am testament that changing how you eat can help manage any disease and will make you live a much better life.

I confess to also being an emotional eater as well as a binger so I do have to work at it constantly in my life. Like all of us I struggle with all the demands of a very fast paced life so we all know the challenges of keeping it all together while staying on course with our diets, family, work, exercise, etc. As cliché as it may sound, the key is balance. To treat your body right most of the time while also indulging here and there. I want to arm you with tools to maintain that balance and to recognize when you are falling of the wagon so that you can get back on it.

I have many diverse interest and hobbies, besides my love for eating, I enjoy the outdoors, nature, sports, family, friends, travel, wellness, the environment, arts, fashion, décor, architecture and music so you might find a sprinkle of all of that in my writings here.As a person who has been in the public eye for over 20 years, it's always been my thing to be as real as possible, learn from my mistakes, to have fears and passions and to embrace it all and move forward. My path in this country, as an immigrant, has not always been smooth sailing and I have had many failures and successes in the process but never the less, I am grateful for the lessons and the ride.

I consider myself very lucky and grateful that I have been able to make a career from all my hobbies and now this blog is a new challenge and mostly my interest is to connect and build a little community of like-minded people who, in turn, can enjoy the content and also connect with the rest. I see it as a means of sharing and exchanging ideas in a safe and respectful environment. I welcome you to our safe community. Be a part of the discussion!  xo, Ingrid